What Your Gay Man Wants to Hear

“I love you” may be the commonest thing that everyone in a relationship wants to hear. But do you know what your gay man wants to hear except for this phrase? You may meet your partner on a gay dating app and you want to develop a long term relationship with him. Then, the most important thing for you to do is to make him feel happy and fresh when he is with you. There will be happy and sad moments when you are together. And you need to learn to use some phrase to make thing happier or to help you two calm down quickly from the quarrels. Keep reading and learn to say some things to please your partner in daily lives.

1.“You can do it.” Being a partner for a gay man means that you need to be there supporting him and encourage him to do things that he wants to do. He might tell you what he dreams of on the gay chat app. Even if there will be difficulties ahead, you need to encourage him fully because it really matters. When he manages to do things that he thinks that he cannot do, he will thank you and love you more in the future.

2.“I’m proud of you.” Only encouraging him is not enough. When he fails to do something, you need to be there to comfort him and he needs to make him know that you are proud of him no matter what happens. And when he successfully makes it happen in the end, you also need to say these words to allow him to be more confident and keep him motivated. Just learn to let him know that you are really proud of him and all of his efforts.

3.“I really appreciate what you have done for me.” In fact, it is not you that always try the best to keep this relationship going on. He also did everything that he can do to help build this relationship. You should be lucky that you have found such a great boyfriend on a gay hookup app. So, always let him know that you know what he did for your relationship and say something sometimes. Don’t feel shy to say it just because you are a man. He needs to hear that.

4.“I was wrong.” To admit that you are wrong isn’t a bad thing in a gay dating. Instead, when you say that you are wrong, you will get more that what you can imagine. Even if you think you are not wrong, you can just step back and be the one who values your relationship more.