Can Gay and Transgender People Be Biphobic?

A lot of people wre requesting like drama and controversy in the LGBT community, and a lot of people also wanted to know something about bisexual, representation and erasure and biphoia within the LGBT community. So this article melt those things together a little bit and tell the fact about trans dating and gay dating.

First, let’s talk something about biphobia and erasure ans vivibility within and without the LGBT community. Why does bi visibility matter? Because bi people exist. The problem is, a lot of people think that bi people don’t exist. There are a lot of gay people out there on gay dating apps who think that it is a phase, that it’s a stepping stone to your “true gay identity.” The problem is that for a lot of people it is. For a lot of people, coming out as bi is a stepping stone or a phase. And so, then those people or people who’ve known those people are like, well it was true for me so all other bi people out there just haven’t figured it completely yet. But that’s not true.

Like bisexual can be a phase and stepping stone for some people and be a completely valid identity for others. The other reason that this myth persists is because the lack of bisexual representation. If we even het characters who are maybe bi or pan or whatever, they just are labeled as the whatever. We never get a character or a little bit moreso nowadays, but traditionally we never get a character being like, ” yes, I’m bisexual, we just get the “I don’t really believe un labels.” Which is also a valid sexuality, but because that’s all we ever get and we don’t get people like outright saying ” I’m bisexual” it feels like we are misrepresented ans it’s making some of the persistent myths happen like bi people are just like hyper sexual and greedy, and they just want to have fun with all the people all the time, which is so not true, because it’s also ugnoring people who are just biromantic but asexual.

I feel like there’s a thing hapening right now where like bisexuallity, I mean still has a lot of work to do, obviouly, where bisexuality is being accepted, those same people are now saying the same things about nonbinary genders. I see that happening a lot. Like there are a lot if people being loke, nonbinary is just like a phase. Nonbinary gender are just like a stepping stone to being fully transgender. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. I mean not only does this bad representation for bi people like at large of so many people our there maybe just staying fully closeted, because they think they have to choose one. This was totally true for me. i thought bisexuality wasn’t real, I had to choose one and I guess I liked boys more so I was thought a cis straight girl. But within the community, it is so freaking unfortunate that we like an LGBT space, you assume it’s a safe space and then you go in there and there are people like, “bisexuality is not real. What’s stand for T?”