3rder is often placed to the first rank in lgbt threesome field

We have heard much more about lgbt threesome dating these days because of a big shift of people’s attitude towards lgbt threesomes. More and more couples and singles are trying out a lgbt threesome or a swinger with strangers for sexual adventures, especially the young. Today I want to recommend a wonderful online gay threesome dating app for lgbt threesomes to you all.

This app is called 3rder, a new app in the market, but it has become one of the best gay apps for lgbt threesomes since it released its first version last year. The number of its users had a rapid growth and it has reached about 35,000 in December. Compared with other dating app in this field, although 3rder has fewer members, it does have the largest number of real and daily active users. It is simply designed with a clear layout and a nice homepage. It has been updated for several times for better function optimization and it added some more features to satisfy users’ demands. Since it is quite easy to use, it develops a good reputation for being the most user friendly gay threesome dating app.

Now 3rder is available both on App Store and website. You can create your personal profile on this gay threesome app in a few minutes. In order to be a member to gain service on 3rder, you should finish your registration and provide some specified information about your account such as nickname, password and verification. Then you will be asked to upload a photo and fill out more information about you and your match to complete your profile. Obviously, the more detailed your profile is, the better.

Dating features
The most significant feature of 3rder is called quickmatch. You can play quickmatch for several rounds every day and you can choose to obtain extra rounds by upgrading your membership. In this option, the system will recommend you some potential matches according to your requirements. If you find someone you are really interested in, you can click the heart button to like and you can check the member in history option. When you get matched with another member means you two like each other at the same time. For more details, you can send messages to your match to start a free conversation.

Being a new online app, 3rder is often placed to the first rank in lgbt threesome field. With the most practical dating features and the simplest operating system, 3rder greatly help users save their time. Even you don’t pay money for this app, you still have access to use most features for free. For finding true threesomes, this app is your best choice.